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Would You Buy a Dollhouse For 8 Million Dollars?

Would You Buy a Dollhouse For 8 Million Dollars?

Do you have any expensive kids toys? Today they are created nor only for children but for adults as well, so the prices can be very high. A simple Play Station 4 costs 400 dollars and the games for it can go for at least half its price. Though it seems like this console is the most expensive article of entertainment, it is actually not. Some of the toy prices are so alarming that you will not actually believe that they are real.

In 2003, a special edition of twelve Etch-a-Sketches was produced. They were completely covered in red Swarovski crystals, each “pad” was sold for 1500 dollars.

Originally introduced as cheap toys, Matchbox cars were sold for about a dollar per piece. But in 2004 a collector Jim Gallegos bought a brown car No.3 for 13 000 dollars.

In 2003, NBA together with LEGO introduced a range of life-sized basketball players’ figures. Each one of them costed $15 000, the most popular were the figures of Shaquille O’Neal, Jason Kidd, Chris Webber and Kobe Bryant.

A classic Nintendo Gameboy was relaunched in 2006. The new edition included several toys made by a jewelry company Asprey. They were made from gold and diamonds and were sold for 25 000 dollars each. Another car has been purchased for an unbelievable sum of money. Due to its odd design the pink Volkswagen Beach Bomb was not particularly popular when it was first released. Now the model is very popular among the collectors. It is believed that one of two known copies was bought for $72 000. But it is not the most expensive toy vehicle that has been sold on eBay. A prototype of all model cranes Lionel 3360 Burro Crane was sold for $85,062.25.

It is a common believe that children are our future, so people try to provide them with the best of everything. But sometimes we come too far taking care of children. For example, the pacifier of pure platinum was made specially for the UK Baby Show. Its estimated value is incredible—85 000 dollars.

All fans of board games would gladly acquire the Golden Monopoly. Unfortunately, its price is awfully high—$2 million for the 18-karat gold game.

And the most expensive toy ever is the Astolat Dollhouse Castle. This magnificent model of a house took 13 years to craft and it contained 29 exclusively decorated rooms. It is more expensive than most real houses—it costs more than 8 million dollars.

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