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Winter Is Coming or How to Deal With Snowy Disaster

Winter Is Coming or How to Deal With Snowy Disaster

Snow is always associated with something magical. Sparkling snowflakes, snow-covered trees, funny snowmen. But when it comes to heavy winds and snowfalls, all this winter wonderland does not seem to be so beautiful. Snowy disasters attack suddenly and paralyze all the life around. It is necessary to prepare for winter storms properly to protect your family and house from bad weather.

Must-have winter storm list

Some people overestimate their abilities and underestimate the power of the storm. They are sure that they can easily go shopping and buy everything necessary during the disaster, but actually they cannot. So, it would be a brilliant idea to expand your shopping list if the weather forecast warns you about snowy hell outside the window.

1) medication for your first-aid kit

Whether you need simple painkillers or some specific medication, you had better purchase them in advance. Panic is something that makes people run to drugstores and buy everything “just in case.” Doctors advice to pay close attention to prescription refills. Running out of necessary pills during a snow storm can even become life-threatening.

2) a lot of extra batteries and a flashlight for every member of your family

If weather deprives you of electricity, be ready to use powerful flashlights. These devices are much safer than candles, especially for children.

3) emergency radio

No power? Do not panic – keep in touch with the current affairs with the help of this affordable device. Emergency radio saved thousands of lives during the season of tornadoes.

4) Sand (kitty litter or ice melt)

Make your way from the house to the street safer by spilling sand or ice melt on the ice. Do not allow your yard to look like an ice-skating rink.

Prepare your castle for snow attack

The best advice before a snowstorm is to check your house for air, heat, or water leaks. Of course, it can take a lot of time, but during the storm, you will be proud of your efforts. No drafts, no leaking traps, or cold rooms—that will sure make you feel comfortable and safe in your house during the storm. If you have a vehicle, do not forget to pay attention to it. To prepare your car for a winter storm, follow these simple instructions:

1) Check the battery (test it for free in an auto parts store)

2) Check the tire pressure

3) Fill up the tank

4) Check your set of first-aid supplies

So, this is what a winter storm survival guide looks like. But the most important recommendation is to lend helping hands to those who are in trouble during the storm. Help your neighbors clean the yard, take part in the life of your city community, and never stay indifferent.

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