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Why you better not to go to public pools?

Why you better not to go to public pools?

We used to think that public swimming pool is a stunning perfect place to have fun with friend and family. Still, everyone knows it is better not swallow water from in there. But there are also a few things only lifeguards know about public swimming pools. These three secrets will definitely change your mind about going for a little swim on the next weekend.

Do not let your kids play in a public pool

3-year-old kids cannot swim. And so do some 4 and even 5-year-olds. You better remember that when you are going to a pool with children. Do not let any pool noodles and Kickboards fool you. Use a life vest for your kids every time when you are going for a swim. It is the only possible guarantee that your kid will be safe in the water.

Do not take a shower before swimming

There are a lot of people who are used to go to a shower before a swim. Forget about it! Especially, if you had ever felt this burning feeling right after getting into the water. This is chlorine, soda and other chemicals, which are there to protect you from different bacterias and microbes. They are not only failing their job, they also are very dangerous to kids and people with sensitive skin or allergies.

On the other hand, you better take a shower and use some special cosmetics right after getting out of the public pool. Who knows, what else was added to that water by cleaners, birds or shameless guests.

Think about your own safety first

Like on a plane during a very turbulent flight, you have to make sure you are completely safe before you will try to help someone else. In the water it means you should think twice before you will try to get a drowning stranger or even a close friend out of the water. Unless you are one of Malibu lifeguards, or have some superpowers, or, at least you, are a qualified lifeguard, stay away from the drowning one and call for help.

It can seem a little bit cruel and cynic, but if you will try to get a drowning person on the ground, there is a chance both of you will drown. When the person is afraid and in panic, they usually do stupid things like using their fried as a lifebuoy. If you do not have enough strength and knowledge, you may even die along with the victim. So, you better step aside and let the lifeguards do their job.

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