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Why Japanese Culture Is One Of The Most Amazing In The World

Why Japanese Culture Is One Of The Most Amazing In The World

July was the month when Japanese parliament has lifted the 67-year-old ban on dancing in clubs after midnight. This act forbade public dancing unless the venue had a license. It is just one of a number of reasons to call Japan an amazing country.

It can be said that Japan is often ahead of the West when it comes to the number of technological inventions and behind in pop culture matters. It came to be like this in the XX century, as it was drawn into a bad company: after its defeat in World War II, when U.S. had occupied the territory of Japan, Americans have brought a lot of weird cultural phenomena. Perhaps this factor has determined the place of Japan in contemporary art.

Panty Fetish

Up to the XX century the traditional Japanese dress did not include any lingerie. During the World War II, women wore monpe, loose pants with ankle drawstrings. After the war, Japan suffered from extreme poverty and only the high-class prostitutes, so-called pan-pan girls, could wear the more expensive Western underclothes. It is clear why such a style quickly became to be associated with sexual promiscuity. After all, it led to the spreading of nylon fetish. Today there are even slot machines with dirty women underwear to buy in Tokyo.

Work cult

Everybody heard the story about a sleeping bag that is an element of the dress code in Japanese offices.

Death from overwork is a norm in the crazy world of Japanese “American dream”. After war the country was absolutely exhausted from the economic and infrastructural point of view, and Japanese were trying to restore their country. Since than, stress and exhaustion are the part of Japanese life, and now every worker strives not for career success, but for the next higher aim.

Weird porno

It seems logical that in the country, where people did not wear pants, nakedness became a common phenomenon: people can go outside without clothes. Anyway, in 1940’s porn was banned according to the demand of the occupational authorities. But Japanese proved to be an ingenious nation: a depict of a sexual act was permitted, but not a depiction of genitals. That is why Japanese porn producers have successfully created a whole porn industry within which images of genitals are universally avoided.

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