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Why it is good for you wake up at 10AM

Why it is good for you wake up at 10AM

Most of us have to come to work early. Therefore we wake up every morning at 6-7am, and the rest of the day feel sleepy and absolutely exhausted. But a solution of this eternal problem is quite simple: allow yourself to wake up later.

In the British science festival Dr. Paul Kelley, who is a clinical research associate at the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute at Oxford University, has amazed everyone with his speech. He said that schools must reconsider current starting times according to the natural biological rhythms of their students.

Later Dr. Kelley wrote that due to their biological times 10-year-old children wake up at 6:30am, 16-year-old ones—at 8am, at 18—at 9am. So do not think that all teens are lazy (of course, some actually are lazy, but that is beside the point), because they have a different natural waking up hour. For people aged between 23 to 35, it is about 8am again. Therefore, it looks like parabolic curve: when you are about 50, your waking up time would be the same as third grader’s.

A start of the working day at 7am for teenagers feels like a 4:30am start would feel for 50-year-old teachers, Dr. Kelley added. That is why it might be reasonable to start the school and working day at 10am or even at 11am.

An idea about the necessity of the early awakening is an obsolete point of view on the process of work. A lot of supervisors are sure that it promotes a productive and proper work process. Kelley says that synchronized hours may have a lot of positive consequences. For example, it may improve people’s mood and health, and, as a result, improve cognitive performance, student’s marks, and decrease the number of accidents. Students will likely get getter exam results.

Paul Kelley is 67, and he wakes up every morning as early as 6am. It comes naturally to him, and therefore it feels comfortable. And he assumes that now it is much easier for him to wake up early in the morning that it was when he was younger.

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