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Why Being Beautiful Is No Longer Fashionable?

Why Being Beautiful Is No Longer Fashionable?

It is that time of year when the whole world is watching “the four-city fashion marathon”—the grand cirсus of traditional seasonal fashion shows held in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. But the more collections we observe, the more similarity with Umberto Eco’s “On Ugliness” we find: they are grotty, second-rate, and incredibly repulsive. Here are some reasons why it is neither good nor bad.

We are not trying to be mean, it just has to be said: Vetements’ clothes are infinitely ugly and do not decorate anyone. Moreover, they cause a strong feeling of déjà vu for everyone who saw Margiela of the 90s. Simone Rocha‘s big, enveloping shapes and matron smocks with massive pockets disfigure many girls, not to mention the material of her dresses. The same can be told about almost every runway show of the parade called Fashion Week. The vast majority of what we used to call “fashion” is uncomfortable, awkward, and boring.


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