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Two Crazy Fan Theories About Frozen

Two Crazy Fan Theories About Frozen

Traditionally, Disney animators enjoy adding Easter eggs and hints to the joy of the most attentive viewers. Accordingly, the true fans analyze every single glimpse of sense hidden in a cartoon. For example, a year ago one of the theories about Frozen stated that the movie is connected with Tarzan and Little Mermaid. Things got even more interesting, when the director of Frozen, Chris Buck confirmed the theory was true.  Let us see what is going on with that enormous Disney universe and how Tarzan appeared to be Anna and Elsa’s younger brother.

Probably you paid more attention to the sad beginning of the story, especially to the part where princesses’ parents die in a shipwreck. Chris Buck has recently confirmed they did not actually die but were marooned on an island. And, oh, the Queen of Arendelle was pregnant at that time. Have you already guessed the plot? Then the king and queen built themselves a tree house, and the queen gave birth to a baby who will later become Tarzan. So he is Elsa and Anna’s brother and the Prince of Arendelle.

What is more, the King and Queen of Arendelle suffered a shipwreck when they were going to Rapunzel and Flynn wedding! And you have probably seen that shot with Flynn and Rapunzel going to Elsa’s coronation among other guests. But this is not the last hint in the movie. It was suggested that a ship, that Ariel finds very interesting and goes to investigate at the beginning of the Little Mermaid is the same ship Anna and Elsa’s parents were sailing by. So, we have 4 Disney movies connected together.  

But let us review the two major theories. The first one states Anna and Elsa’s parents were shipwrecked and washed up onto a shore of some tropic island, where Tarzan was born. The second states they were sailing to Rapunzel’s wedding. And, analyzing the customs, behavior and dresses of the characters, fans concluded that Frozen’s action took place somewhere in Netherlands, and Tangled—in Germany. This confirms the theory that Ariel might have seen the same ship at the bottom of the sea because the shipwreck had probably happened near Denmark (a place of birth of Hans Christian Andersen, author of The Little Mermaid). In this case, it is obviously impossible for the royal couple to be washed up onto a tropical island. So it is up to you which Disney movie connections theory to believe.

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