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Top-8 ways to spend a weekend

Top-8 ways to spend a weekend

On average, there are 104 weekends a year. Of course, the most common activity during these 2 free days is rest. But sometimes it is not enough, people become bored and have bad mood. As a result you will not “recharge the batteries” before a workweek at all. If you do not know what to do on weekends, read our list of the most entertaining activities.

1. To drive boredom away, become a part of something big. You can volunteer to participate in a public movement or a cleaning program. Help to feed the poor or organize a local festival.

2. Meet with your friends. We often do not have enough time to visit the people who we hold dear. Weekends are the best time for the get-togethers with your friends. Try to improve your relationship with them: find out about their news, laugh together.

3. Forget about computers and the internet—write a letter to a friend. Virtual mail takes away the soul of a message. It may seem a little strange to your addressee but the nostalgic feeling is guaranteed.

4. Do you like art? Have you ever tried out your artistic skills? Take a shot at the basic forms like painting or playing musical instruments or try the unusual ones like sculpture or wood carving. Even the simple process of taking photos is a form of art. Learn how to do it properly, read about various methods and in time you will be able to do it professionally.

5. You can turn cooking from a boring chore into a creative hobby. Explore new cuisines and recipes. There are many ways to cut, cook and then serve the dish. Surprise your significant other—as we know, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.

6. For women the best way to spend their holidays would be going shopping. It always raises the mood whether you spend the money on the purchases for yourself or for other people.

7. You can spend the weekend not only relaxing but improving your health as well. Try playing sports or just work out. Games will help you to develop team spirit and discipline your mind. It is also the best way to meet new people or to spend time with the friends.

8. The last entertaining way to occupy yourself is reading a book. This way you will both rest and visit exotic places. Books will help you to escape reality and develop your imagination.

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