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Top 5 most disturbing movies of all time

Top 5 most disturbing movies of all time

There are some films so disturbing that sensitive persons should better avoid watching them in a row or, for that matter, watching them at all. We collected the five most terrifying movies in the cinematographic history. They are so scary that they can change you not only emotionally but mentally as well. Well, we warned you.

5. “The Girl Next Door”, 2007 (Director Gregory Wilson)

This movie is based on a true story of Sylvis Likens, who became a victim of her own aunt. The movie tells the story of two sisters coming to their psychopath aunt and her sadistic sons after both of the girls’ parents died in a car accident. The deep injustice and inhuman cruelty will make you feel scared as there is no catharsis or redemption, just a menacing feeling of confronting the evil hidden in human hearts.

4.“Antichrist”, 2009 (Director Lars Von Trier)

The famous Danish director is good in making the audience feel anxious and puzzled, and this movie is one of his best. The plot is about a couple that lost their son. They retreat to a wood cabin where all the mystic things begin to occur. The Cannes Film festival named “Antichrist” the most shocking movie ever.

3. “Guinea Pig”, 1985 (Director Satoru Ogura)

This Japanese film is definitely not a reasonable choice for you if you are a sensitive person, it contains the most horrifying scenes one can ever witness. The story is about a group of men who kidnap and torture a young girl. The movie shows in detail all the torture scenes, such as torn off fingernails, worms in open wounds, taking off the skin most people simply cannot watch this film due to its incredibly realistic and shocking images. What is yet more disturbing, is that the sequel is even worse.

2. “Thesis”, 1996 (Director Alejandro Amenabar)

It is the first film of the Spanish director Amenabar and it appeals to such serious topics as violence in our society and the morality of horror films. A young woman founds a snuff film in which a girl is tortured and then murdered. Trying to find out what happened in the movie she found, the woman realizes it was made in the same university where she is studiying.

1. “A Serbian Film”, 2010 (Director Srdjan Spasojevic)

A Serbian porn star has financial difficulties after retiring. Suddenly, he gets a tempting offer to star in an art-house film for lots of money. This brings him into the industry of snuff films, torture, pedophilia and necrophilia, the illegal business no-one ever leaves alive. It is a well-made horror film, with an excellent plot and well-developed characters, that make you empathize with the main hero. This emotional attachment makes disturbing and heartbreaking movie scenes into the worst things you ever can see on the TV screen.

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