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Tips to get rid of clutter all by yourself

Tips to get rid of clutter all by yourself

If you ever experienced a battle with clutter, we may suppose that the result of this battle was only a short-time win. Clutter tends to come back to our houses and grow into bigger and bigger piles. All these things can waste not only your apartment space but also your time and money. We are ready to help you with this “never-ending battle”. Here are some tips that will help you win once and for all.

1. If you ever experienced moving out, you know how painful it can be. We suggest you to pretend you need to do it again, it will help you to spot the things you would not use at the new place. These are the fist victims in a list of things to leave your house.

2. If there is too much clutter and you do not know where to start and have a great temptation to procrastinate instead, then it is better to make a plan. You do not need to do everything at once, one small thing to do every day is already a good start. You can also find plans for organizing rooms in on the Internet, there are plenty of them.

3. You can also follow your own plan that suits you best and, for example, get rid of one thing a day. It can be two or five things, the amount does not really matter, what is more important is not to leave this idea behind. You can start with a dusty memorabilia, a T-shirt you do not use, or a DVD you never watch.

4. It takes you just extra 5 seconds to put your things away, instead of just putting them down. Just do not postpone it, do it immediately. Once you take out your jacket, do not let it fall down to the floor, it really takes no more than 5 seconds to put in into a wardrobe. Very easy, yet very effective.

5. The main source of clutter is usually the things you keep “just in case”. You might think you will need them one day, but be honest with yourself, if you did not use them even once for the last two years, there is a very slim chance of using them at all.

6. Do not buy things or clothes just because it is cute or nice, buy them only if they are perfect for you or fit your furnishings perfectly. If the thing is not useful, not beautiful, or does not make you happy, you need to say good-bye to it and look for something else.

Once your house is clutter-free, your life will also change. Just start, and you will see the positive result almost immediately.

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