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Three True Crime Stories That Look Like a Joke

Three True Crime Stories That Look Like a Joke

Some people are just not designed to commit crimes. As criminals, such people tend to fail in an epic fashion, managing to screw their evil master plan at every possible point. Apparently, they took a wrong career path, and the whole universe shows them it is high time to change something in their lives. Here are a couple of bizarre yet true crime stories that are hard to believe.

The heroes of the first story were probably the unluckiest smugglers in the recorded history. Flying over the South Florida with half a ton of cocaine in plane’s cargo, the duo noticed they are being followed by the U.S. Customs and did not come up with anything better than tossing their cargo over the peaceful city of Homestead. At the same time, the local chief of police was meeting with some concerned citizens to discuss ways of keeping their neighborhood calm and crime-free, as 75 pounds of cocaine hurtled past and landed nearby. Of course, the two crime geniuses were captured as soon as they landed because there is hardly better evidence than throwing huge bundles of cocaine in front of the chief of police.

Another bizarre crime story is nothing nearly so funny since it does not include jet planes, cocaine, and pursuit. Virginia Maiden was terrified when she stepped outside one ordinary morning to head off to work and found that her car was stolen. Yet, she found a way to get to the McDonald’s she worked in on time and universe decided to reward her for this. During her shift, Virginia noticed a strangely familiar  Toyota SUV standing in the drive-through line. She immediately called the cops and her car was returned to her on the very same day.Another car thief who could not make it right was Michael Chapman, who got lost while driving. Whom do you think did he ask for directions? The car owner’s father! The man noticed that the car was very similar to the one his daughter owned, and after giving the directions he called his daughter and she confirmed that her car was just stolen. So the thief was captured like in a half an hour and the woman got her car back.

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