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Three Horrifying Bloody Cults in North America

Three Horrifying Bloody Cults in North America

Cults scare people, their rituals can be dangerous both as for themselves and for the other people. Here are three notorious stories about religious cults that were active in the North America.

Matamoros human sacrifice cult

This horrible case was solved in 1989 after a student from Texas named Mark Kilroy disappeared while he was on a vacation and was found only a month later. First, they found his brain. Then the rest of his body. At least, some of it. The parts of Kilroy’s body were placed into a black cauldron, boiled in blood along with a horseshoe and a turtle shell.

That discovery led police to Rancho Santa Elena where they found a grave with Kilroy’s remains and graves with at least dozen of other bodies. All of them were mutilated for some bizarre religious ritual.

A bit later, police arrested a man because for possessing drugs. He led them to a horrible human sacrifice cult ruled by so-called El Padrino, whose real name was Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo. Constanzo worked with drug cartels, and his horrible rituals were believed to give luck in illegal deals and brought more power to certain members of the drug business. El Padrino was killed during the police raid, the other fourteen cult members were arrested and jailed.

Order of the Solar Temple

The Order of the Solar Temple was active in both Canada and Switzerland. It was formed by Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret and counted more than 400 followers. The group’s beliefs were focused around the apocalypse that entailed cult’s adherents burning in flames and then being reborn on Sirius.

The cult started in 1984 and ten years later it started to decline. Di Mambro ordered to kill a little baby because Di Mambro believed  the boy was the Antichrist. A few days later, the followers started to die. Some committed suicides, others were shot, stabbed, or burnt. Some of the victims were killed in a ritual way: the people, who were shot in their heads, were dressed in ritual clothes lying in a circle in an underground chapel. The mysterious deaths continued in 1994 when Dutoit, Jouret and their families were found burnt. Later, two other families burned themselves in order to get to Sirius. The total amount of cult’s victims is 74.

Heaven’s Gate

The followers of Heaven’s Gate believed that their existence on the Earth is just a small part of their life and that they should leave the planet as soon as possible. The chance to go to the Next Level appeared when the Hale-Bopp Comet was passing by the Earth in 1997.

The tragedy happened at Rancho Santa Fe, California, where the police found 39 members of the group after they committed a mass suicide. The leader of the group, Marshall Applewhite, guaranteed the followers that the comet was a spaceship with aliens who can abduct their souls and bring them to another level, where they will be born again as superior creatures. The people took a deadly mixture of alcohol and barbiturates and put plastic bags on their heads. Later, two former members of the cult found out about the mass suicide from the media and also committed suicide in a similar manner.

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