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The top cities to stay away from

The top cities to stay away from

Tastes differ.

Everybody knows that people perceive their surroundings differently. But there are things that people unanimously find ugly. We gathered the list of the ugliest cities in the world—whether they are unattractive due to environmental problems, poor architecture or poverty.

The first city in our list is Pyongyang. The North Korean city seems to be designed by amateurs—the arrangement of buildings is chaotic and the highways lead nowhere. An enormous monstrosity of a hotel lonely towers above all other buildings. Esquire magazine named it “the Pyongyang hotel of doom“.


The friendliest city of America, Portland is notable for its numerous industrial neighborhoods and the Portland building. The exterior of the latter is just a mismatched mix of different materials that together will look good only from far away. Moreover, even after the remodeling, Portland Municipal Services Building preserved its small windows and low ceilings.

Ukrainian Pripyat

As the majority of small Soviet cities, Ukrainian Pripyat is just a set of gray concrete buildings. But after the Chernobyl meltdown Pripyat became a ghost city with a high level of radiation. If not for the thrill-seeking, there is no reason to visit this city.

Detroit City

Detroit has been in decline for years now. Many neighborhoods are empty, many houses are abandoned. The downtown functions only during business hours. People in this city do not live, they survive. The only attraction that can bring you to Detroit is an opportunity to take a few shots of decaying buildings and empty streets.

Kangbashi city

Have you ever heard of Kangbashi? The city is situated in China but, unlike in many overpopulated Chinese metropolises, very few people live in Kangbashi. Despite the well-built architecture, the ever-empty streets bring the feeling of hollowness. The city was built to hold a million people who would come for a China’s coal mining boom, but only few moved to Kangbashi.

Timbuktu city

Who does not dream of an adventure among the fabled camels caravans? Many tourists visit Timbuktu in hopes to see their dream come true. The biggest disappointment of tourists is …the sand. The dreary city has no caravans, no silk robes, no exotic entertainment—just bare walls and sand everywhere.

Battle Mountain in Nevada

The charming Battle Mountain in Nevada will not receive you with a cup of flavoury coffee or a pie. It will show you only its rugged landscape and mining hills.

The reasons of their “ugliness” differ, but all of them have one thing in common—none of these cities will attract a lot of people.

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