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The things you do not know about wizards and muggles

The things you do not know about wizards and muggles

A story about Harry Potter is a favorite tale of all children around the world. Even adults read books and watch movies about the young wizard. But only a few know what happened during the creation of the most famous children’s book series. Some facts will “knock you off your broomstick” and add some clarity to undisclosed moments of the story that divided our world into two parts: a magical world with wizards, witches and talking hats, and a non-magical world of muggles. Though the series has ended, the story will forever stay in the minds of devoted fans. Here are the funniest and the most shocking facts about Harry Potter.

Do you think that all students were portrayed by children? An actress who played Moaning Myrtle (a Hogwarts student who is no more than 17) was actually 37 years old.

In the original book, Ron swore a lot. Publishers made Rowling blank out some of the kid’s phrases because they were inappropriate for the children audience. Also, they recommended the author to use initials as boys would rather read books written by male writers.

The name of a wizardly school Hogwarts may be inspired by a plant Joanne saw in New York.

For the audition, Rupert Grint recorded a rap tape about Ron Weasley. The boy was dressed like his female drama teacher.

Tom Felton was not auditioned to play Draco. He dreamed of portraying Potter or Ron Weasley.

Sirius’s tattoos were inspired by Russian prison gangs. They mean that Black was a man to fear in Azkaban.

Hagrid’s beard brought a lot of problems to Robbie Coltrane who portrayed this giant. Once even a fruit bat got stuck in it.

J. K. Rowling became the first billionaire who gained a fortune by writing stories for children.

The seventh movie in the series has a kissing scene between Hermione and Harry. While filming the kiss the director had to remove Rupert from the studio—the boy was laughing too much.

During the filming of the third movie the designers had to sew up all pockets on Felton’s robes because he always put food in them.

People pronounced Hermione’s name differently so Rowling had to sound it out in book four.

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