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The most creative marketing campaigns

The most creative marketing campaigns

The number of various companies on a modern market is rather high. Many new brands have difficulties competing in their niche. Creative marketing campaigns are one of the best ways to achieve success in business. The advertising is not only about money but about creativity as well. We made a list of hilarious campaigns the companies have done in a chase for customers. Not all were very successful, but each one of them was very amusing.

A visor company ProShade wanted to place their products on the heads of the four Presidents of Mount Rushmore. Though the National Park service declined the request, this idea is, in any case, priceless.

The media highlighted the campaign of Burger King during the San Francisco Pride Parade. The visitors who brought the burgers could read a message on the wrapper that read“we are all the same inside”. This campaign was strongly approved by the LGBT community.

In 2013, Samsung 20 million dollars on their campaign. As a result, their products were used during the Oscar ceremony. An unplanned selfie of Ellen DeGeneres with other Hollywood stars became viral and helped the campaign a lot.

Boca Tacos y Tequila in Arizona have a special menu every Wednesday. They serve exotic meats like kangaroo, frog legs, snakes and their recent offer—lions. With the announcement of the latter dish many animal right groups protested, and Boca had to abandon the idea.

T or C? Have you ever heard of a town called Truth or Consequences? This town in New Mexico is called after a popular 1950’s TV show—they followed the promise of the quiz creator Ralph Edwards to broadcast from the city with this name.

Another town named itself after the website Half.com that promised to present 20 computers and over 100 thousand dollars to a city that would be renamed after the website.

A drinks brand Snapple attempted to create the biggest popsicle made of their sugary liquid. The presentation was foolishly appointed on a rather hot day in New York. As a result, the popsicle melted down and coated the Union Square Park with a sticky substance.

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