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The End of Consumption Era: Why People Cease Buying New Gadgets

The End of Consumption Era: Why People Cease Buying New Gadgets

This is the short story about how we will learn to value electronic devices, repair, and recycle them.

Buying gadgets used to be a necessity and turned into a drug. It seems that the idea of owning and the chase for new tech products drive the society crazy: people believe that their smartphones and laptops become obsolete ten minutes after they open the box.

Along with significant changes in the tech sector, there are great shifts in related areas as well. It seems illogical, but while the market of smartphones in the United States has grown to thirteen times for last ten years, customer’s spending habits are changing. People tend to use their gadgets for longer. According to Recon Analytics, the average upgrade cycle for all phones has stretched from 19 months in 2007 to almost 23 months last year.

An endless changing and buying new gadgets become not such an attractive for average customers. And too expensive as well.

Probably, almost each of us faced the situation when cracking the screen on your smartphone or laptop may not leave us much choice about when to replace it or when the developer ceased supporting the software of the mp3-player. The last year’s model of iPhone has been getting slower and not such cool as before. You may think that it is time to replace it, but it is not!


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