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The Carbuncle Cup 2015 announced the ugliest buildings in the UK

The Carbuncle Cup 2015 announced the ugliest buildings in the UK

The Building Design Magazine has recently announced the top 5 ugliest buildings in the UK among those that were completed during the last 12 months. Though this prize considered to be a humorous one it, however, shows the attitude of British people to a pretentious and affected novelty in modern architecture.

The Carbuncle Cup 2015 goes to Walkie Talkie building, officially known as 20 Fenchurch Street. This skyscraper has a short history, but yet already collected a bunch of critical notes. In 2013 Walkie Talkie was blamed for reflecting sunlight that accidentally damaged parked Jaguar car making it literally melt. The skyscraper developers paid for repairs, but this story made people think that the new building was not only ugly but could be dangerous as well.

The other scandal was about the public sky garden on the very top of the skyscraper. Unexpectedly, visitors found in the garden more concrete surfaces than actually natural ones. That made them feel like more in an airport than in a place for relaxing. If one still think that is not enough to believe that Walkie Talkie building is the undisputed leader in the list of architectural mistakes, the wind tunnel effect at its base will complete the picture.

Among other five ugliest buildings in the United Kingdom, one can find Southampton City Gateway. This building which also known as the Fag Butt was built too close to its neighbor, so it made the view from the windows turn into a dull blank wall and nothing apart from it.

Another London building the Parliament House got itself to the list due to its ugly shape and unpleasant location in between other gloomy houses.

Waltham Forest YMCA building got its place among the ugly architectural novelties because of its gray morose appearance. Indeed, it looks more like a prison or a warehouse than a place where young people can get help and support.

The Whittle Building in Cambridge university town was judged to be among the ugliest ones for its clumsy interpretation of the Gothic style.

Woodward Hall was built this year in north-west London also got its dose of hatred from the locals who blamed it for inappropriate ugliness on the streets of the capital city.

The Carbuncle Cup was launched in 2006 and since then it is based on nominations from the British public, not the critics, so it can be considered a truly democratic award.

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