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The best and worst cuisines in the world

The best and worst cuisines in the world

When we evaluate restaurant food, it is easy to talk about its quality, freshness and some other criteria, based on personal preferences. But if we try to evaluate cuisines, could we make the same rank list?

There are no objective standards we can use for comparing different cuisines. Certainly, food habits are based on the historic availability of food items in a specific area. Hence they differ from country to country. And it is clearly unwise to say that some cuisine is bad because you were not born in this country.

An international confederation Oxfam has composed a list of cuisines from the best to the worst relying on their poll.

So, the Netherlands has got the highest score based on of food prices, food quality and lower diabetes levels than other countries. Although there are many people who prefer, for example, Chinese or Tanzanian food.

The cuisine of Madagascar was scored as the worst in terms of food quality: about 80 per sent of food is nutrient-poor.

But can we indeed say that some cuisine is absolutely bad or good?

Of course, usually there is a huge difference between the national food you were trying at some local restaurant and a real cuisine of this country. We consider that Cuban cuisine is diverse and rich, and that is right. But not exactly. Nowadays many travelers complain about the low quality of Cuban food because of economic hardships in the country. British do not eat beans on breakfast, lunch and dinner, French do not cook toad legs every day and McDonald’s is not the traditional food of Americans.

Every cuisine is a component of a national cultural identity and a source of pride. Cuisines of Qatar, India or Peru are not worse than Spanish, Japanese and Norwegian dishes, and vice versa.

Many people have never crossed the boarder of their native country, they have never tried a real traditional dishes cooked from real traditional ingredients, but are anyway talking about their taste and quality. That is why it is much better to verify it with your own experience.

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