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The Art of Looking Busy on Your Work

The Art of Looking Busy on Your Work

You know the struggle: everyone around want you to delegate their work to you and everyone assures you that their task is vitally important. You feel obligated to do it, otherwise the catastrophe is inevitable. And by the time when you are finally done, there is suddenly no one who needs the results. Suddenly, you realize that while you were busy doing the work, things have changed and your hard working was simply in vain.

And here you come to a conclusion that not every work should be done. Some tasks are indeed important and some can definitely wait. But being rude to people with “no” to every “could you” is not good. You want people around you to understand how busy you are. You want them to know that you simply do not have any spare time for extra tasks. Unfortunately, is it difficult for some people to understand that thinking also requires time and while you maybe do not do anything with your hands, your head is working hard. And you cannot spend this time for things that anyone can do.

So, let us find the best way to show the others that you are indeed a very busy man in order to avoid unnecessary extra tasks.


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