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The Art of Eating Healthy When You Live Alone

The Art of Eating Healthy When You Live Alone

Once you start living alone, sooner or later cooking will turn into a real torture for you. One thing is to make food for someone else. Then you may have the motivation to experiment with meals, buy healthy products, and keep an eye on your fridge to keep it if not full then at least not desperately empty. But since you are the only person you need to care for, you may adapt to any circumstances, and if there is only beer and peanut butter, you may consider your fridge to be full enough to survive.

Indeed, when you come to a supermarket, there are not so many foods in packs for one. But at the same time, there is no need to visit the grocery store every time you want to eat. You may use all those “happy family” packages for cooking for a whole week. Just imagine, you do it once, and then you are free of standing at the stove for several days, plus you can enjoy your healthy meals whenever you want.

This is especially helpful in the situation when you, for instance, are vegging out on the sofa after a hard working day, and the idea of cooking makes you only yawn. In this case pushing yourself to go and cook (whether it is healthy or not) is really challenging.

If even one day of cooking sounds like a disaster to you, we have made a little instruction of how a solo inhabitant can master the art of eating healthy.


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