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The 5 most stupid times when it was better not to be kind

The 5 most stupid times when it was better not to be kind

As a child, you were surely told that you need to be kind and charitable in any situation. These 5 fails will show you how exactly your kindness and all your good motives can lead you to big problems.

Cuffs for saving a pup

Have you ever seen a poor little dog locked up in the car? You probably wanted to get it out, especially if it is a middle of a hot summer day out there. Do not even think about it! Walk away from that car and you will save yourself from problems, lawsuits and a jail. Otherwise, you will end up like Michael Hammons, a Desert Storm veteran with PTSD who saved little Yorkshire terrier, trapped inside its owner’s Ford Mustang.

Hammons used his wife’s wheelchair armrest to break down the car window. Then he put the poor pup out, brought him into the shadow under a big tree and even gave him some water. Meanwhile, the owner of both, the little yourkie terrier and the crashed Ford Mustang, have not appreciated Hammons’ good deed and called the police. And since in Georgia, where all that happened, there is no law to allow you to break into a car to save yorkie puppies, policemen were required to put a pair of cuffs on Hammons’ hands.

A $165 mulct for returning someone’s tools

If you are going to visit Louisiana, steer clear of any lost tools you will see. Moreover, do not leave any messages with your phone number or e-mail near the St. Tammany Parish. If you do, you will probably get a summons from the town officials.

This is exactly what happened to Jamie Montgomery, who found a drill lying on the Dog Pound Road. He took the drill and left a “lost and found” sign on the nearest tree. After some time, he received an e-mail from the St. Tammany Parish officials. According to the e-mail, Montgomery owned them $165. The fate of the founded drill set stayed unknown.

Got fired for helping a stranger

Vladislav Samsonov in his 70s was one of the oldest workers of tollbooth in Boca Grande, Florida. He was also a very kind person. Actually, this is why he was fired. Tollbooth’s directors did not like his initiative to pay 5 dollars for a toll out for some strange motorist.

At the beginning, his superiors decided to change his work schedule by letting him work only two days per week instead of five. Later, they changed their mind and fired the guy.

Get arrested for sharing food with the homeless

We all know that tourists do not like crowds of homeless people. The officials of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, know exactly how to solve this problem. If you want to do a good deed and to give some food and drink to the homeless, you have to do two more things. First, you have to provide portable toilets, and second, there should be hand-washing facilities. Furthermore, you need to provide these facilities not only for homeless people, but for workers who will distribute food among the homeless.

Otherwise, you will be arrested, even if you are a 90-years-old WWII veteran, like Mayor Jack Seiler.

Visit to jail for feeding parking meters

If you see that someone’s parking meter is almost expired, do not hesitate and leave it alone. Especially, if you are somewhere in Cincinnati, Ohio. One old lady named Sylvia Stayton has already tried to help other citizens that way years ago. All she has got from it was a jailable offense.

On the other hand, 62-year-old woman became a real hero of Cincinnati. After her death, her church group continued to feed some meters across the city. They ever wear special T-shirts with Sylvia’s name on it.

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