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The 4 things it will be impossible not to tell about

The 4 things it will be impossible not to tell about

Sometimes it is better to remain silent. But sometimes it is too hard to step aside and stay quiet. Here are the four most impossible things you better not to talk about, ever.

When you see other people fail

There are two kinds of people. First kind likes to offer their help, whether you need it or not. And the second type, no, they do not make lists of different kinds of people. They adore to point out your mistakes and feel obviously better when you fail.

We propose you not to join any of these groups. Whether you want to help or to laugh at someone else’s failure, do not speak at all. People need to learn from their own mistakes. Still, no one forbids you to smile quietly when your neighbor falls down from the stairs.

When someone admits that you were not the problem

Everyone had big fights in their past. You can think the problem is in your opponent and they will claim this was all your fault. It could be anyone, from your ex to your colleagues and neighbors. But even if your opponent agrees he was the problem instead of you, do not rush to accept it.

First of all, it will never change your past. Moreover, it will probably not make your relationships with that person any better. So, stop sticking your rightness in your ex face. Skip the “take it” part and move directly to the “leave it” one. With no words falling from your lips.

When you get the wrong present

Do you like to receive presents? And do you really like all the presents you have got in your life? If you do not like them, you do not have to scream it to the world. There are two reasons to stay quiet in suchlike situations.

There is almost no way your life will depend on this present, so why should you even worry about it? Accept it, say thank you and forget about it. For good.

If the gift came from your close friend or your loved one and you still hate it, bite your tongue. Even if they forgot about the upcoming tour of your favorite bands and bought you some funny pajama instead. You can always cut this pajama into pieces or make some voodoo doll from it, if you feel really angry and want some entertainment.

When you are dying to say “I told you”

There is one short way to hell in any conversation. Say “I told you” and it is done. There are also a lot of people who ask you for an advice, then do not listen and run back to you to cry their problems out. Do not let them hold you tight. And do not let yourself kick them just because they are down right now. Have some more compassion and learn your own lesson―when they come back to you for another unneeded advice, bite your tongue once more and remain silent.

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