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The 3 most embarrassing overhead conversations

The 3 most embarrassing overhead conversations

How many times have you overheard someone’s private conversations? If you did at least once, you know exactly how much of the “ugly truth” can these speeches contain. Here are the 3 most embarrassing conversations that were accidentally overheard by everyone.

Do not pick a racist as a videographer

If you do not want to hear your videographer saying he do not blame Hitler for the Holocaust, especially during your Jewish wedding, make sure you pick a non-racist guy. Otherwise, when you will get the unedited tapes, you might be very surprised. And that surprise can be really nasty.

That is what happened with one couple from the U.K. They obviously choose the wrong guy as a videographer for their wedding. At the beginning, he failed the edited version of the wedding video by adding shots with some strange people and by cutting off the half of the wedding ceremony. Moreover, when the couple received an unedited Jewish wedding video, they have heard a lot of videographer’s inappropriate and racist comments about the bride, the whole ceremony and the guests.

You better watch what you are saying up in the air

It is hard to imagine the most embarrassing situation when your very private conversation is overheard by everyone in your neighborhood. But it is possible if you are a pilot.

Two helicopter pilots from Winnipeg, Canada, accidentally turned on the on-board public address system. For the next few minutes, the whole West End area could listen to their dialog. And the problem was, that the dialog was not about their work or fighting against crime. The guys were talking about blow-jobs. Later the police apologized for “conversation that was broadcast via Air 1.”

When policeman goes wrong

A Chicago police officer, working at the Stickney Water Reclamation Plant, has told everybody at the Illinois State Police about a special drinking room. The man has accidentally turned on his radio transmitter while he was giving a tour of the facility to a newbie.

Speaking of the room, there was everything you might need to forget about your job, from a microwave and a refrigerator to a DVD-player and a huge sofa. Alongside with the description of a collective building of the unusual restroom, the officer has also dropped a few unflattering comments about his superiors and his female colleagues. The duration of the whole officer’s speech was about 58 minutes.

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