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The 10 Best Sports Commercials and Stories Behind Them

The 10 Best Sports Commercials and Stories Behind Them

Nike—Snow Day

Nike—Snow Day

When it comes to memorable sports ads, Nike is on the top of the list. There are numerous funny, intriguing, and inspirational commercials created by Nike. And last year, the company launched a new campaign to promote its new line of winter clothes.

The best part of this ad is that when you watch it, you barely consider that all these amazing athletes on the screen are wearing only Nike’s cold weather gear. You simply enjoy the view and wait until your favorite athletes will show you what crazy thing they will do next. By the way, there were lots of world famous athletes in that video. You can see NLF stars Ndamukong Suh, Rob Gronkowski, Odell Becham Jr., girls from USA Women’s Soccer League and Women’s NBA—Carli Lloyd and Elena Delle Donne respectively, and some other famous athletes. And, if there is some snow out there on your street, you may consider going out to play snowballs with your friends.

There is one more video that shows you everything that has happened behind the scenes of the Snow Day ad. Curiously, this video looks more like an advertisement that the original ad.

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    the beautiful game called football, not soccer . have it well inside, how it hurt to yanks the sport king