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Telling a Story: Fascinating Interview With George Lucas in Charlie Rose’s Studio

Telling a Story: Fascinating Interview With George Lucas in Charlie Rose’s Studio

George Lucas, the world-famous filmmaker and creator of our beloved Star Wars saga, recently gave an interview to the American journalist Charlie Rose. The conversation throws fresh light on the interesting facts from George Lucas biography and his attitude toward filmmaking in general. Find out more about the director’s plans for the future and the way he feels about modern cinematography and the Star Wars movies.

Working in Hollywood

At the beginning of his career, George Lucas never felt enthusiastic about being a creator of Hollywood movies. However, fate decreed otherwise. Today, he is considered to be a Hollywood genius, and all the films in George Lucas filmography are extremely popular. As to the words of the famous director, he wished his films were popular. In contrast to Francis Ford Coppola, who claims that he makes films that should satisfy only his taste, George Lucas stresses that there is no need to shoot films at all if there is no audience to accept them. The more people like your films, the more people go to see them and immerse themselves in your story. George Lucas’ films are known all over the world, despite the fact that the outstanding director never got an Oscar prize. You may ask why. The filmmaker himself explains that it is because the “too popular” films never get serious awards.

George Lucas elaborates that he fell in the popular movies by coincidence. He never thought he would be a part of this world. He just liked movies and wanted to shoot something that interested him. He wanted to create some kind of small visually-rich movies. Instead of that, he became the one to create the first space opera in the word’s history. How did it happen?


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