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  • Downshifting: A Case Against

    Downshifting: A Case Against0

    We all have read these tempting stories like “I quit my job today and become a traveler-photographer” or “I decided that it is enough of me to sit in the office, so I traveled to Goa.” You may thing, hey, why not indeed change my soul-sucking job for a time on a sea shore in

  • Most Eccentric Movie Characters Ever

    Most Eccentric Movie Characters Ever0

    We all need a little madness in our lives. It makes the world more interesting and diverse. Real-life madness does not seem appealing. But we are left with movies and their abundance of eccentric characters. Movies have to be exciting. And what can be more thrilling than an interesting character? Simple characters are boring and

  • 6 Unusual Services To Make Your Life Better Today

    6 Unusual Services To Make Your Life Better Today0

    There are lots of ways to make your daily life a bit more fun, interesting, and enjoyable, though some of these methods are quite weird. Today, FunDailyFeed is going to tell you about the six most weird businesses you probably did not even know existed.

  • 10 Cool Well-Paid Dream Jobs

    10 Cool Well-Paid Dream Jobs0

    You are probably wondering whether there are any people who do not only earn good money but also enjoy their work and get a lot of pleasure out of spending every single hour at their working place. Indeed, it is very easy to believe that you need to work your socks off, spend twenty-four hours

  • 8 Delicious Food Movies for Dinner

    8 Delicious Food Movies for Dinner8

    By now, we are all used to crazy visual effects in modern movies. It seems that the filmmakers can deliver almost anything they want to the audience, except for taste and smell. While we cannot actually smell anything in the movie, the most talented directors make us feel the taste of food simply from looking