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  • 10 Celebrities Who Are Also Ingenious Inventors

    10 Celebrities Who Are Also Ingenious Inventors0

    Some people think that being a celebrity is just about being beautiful; the rest of the tasks can be performed by others: computers and sound engineers can “sing” for you,  special effects will help you act, and fake laughter in your TV show will provide an illusion of positive public reaction. Some famous personalities are

  • Top 10 Most Shocking Hollywood Scandals

    Top 10 Most Shocking Hollywood Scandals0

    Hollywood seems to be the world all of us can only see in dreams. Beautiful women and handsome men, luxurious cars and designer dresses… However, the world of movie industry can sometimes throw us a curve-ball. Read our celebrity scandals list and see how the perfect life can spoil one’s personality.

  • 10 Cats That Became World-Famous

    10 Cats That Became World-Famous0

    Every kitty is charming and brilliant in its own right, but some of them grow up to be celebrity cats, winning the hearts of millions of fans around the world. We fall in love with these felines because of their extraordinary deeds or even just because they are so cute. In this article, FunDailyFeed has

  • 10 U.S. Towns That Honor Their Celebrity Residents

    10 U.S. Towns That Honor Their Celebrity Residents0

    Visiting American cities with celebrity statues may be a good vacation idea for true film buffs. There are many places worth visiting—from the 7-foot-tall replica of John Wayne placed in Winterset, Iowa to famous Elvis Presley statues located in his hometown Tupelo, Mississippi. Keep reading this article to find out more about 10 American places