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Startup: Pay Full Brooklyn Apartment Rental, Get 18 Roommates

Startup: Pay Full Brooklyn Apartment Rental, Get 18 Roommates

So, here is the plan: think of something weird and maybe stupid, call it a beautiful name and become a successful entrepreneur. Well, that is an irony, of course, but since the world is crazy about startups and making easy money, it is not that far from truth. At all times people tried to find a way of doing nothing but earning a living. That makes people “re-invent” water bottles, create co-living spaces” that are even worse than your college dormitory used to be, and try to come up with other weird business startup ideas.

Well, in some way the new Brooklyn co-living space is better than an average dormitory, of course. You will share the house with only 18 other people, not a several hundred or so. On each floor, you will share two bathrooms, a living room, and a kitchen with three or four other people.  But you will have to pay something from $1,800 to $1,950 per month. According to the real estate agencies, it is entirely possible to find a Brooklyn apartment rental deal for a one-bedroom flat at the same price.

But that would be an old-fashioned, boring style of living! And more than 300 people have already signed up to experience a new type of common living. Well, the truth is, if you have never lived together with someone except your family members, you may be enthusiastic about it. In other cases, you know this is not too much fun. Of course, sharing a room means you never feel alone and have someone to talk to even at 2 a.m. But this does not mean your relations will be always smooth and nice. Also, everyone has a pack of habits that may seem silly and annoy you a lot.

Being not alone deserves a more detailed discussion. It is a benefit and a drawback at the same time, because sometimes you will have to lock up in the bathroom in order to be alone at least for half an hour. Not saying about an irritated roommate who wants to have shower just at that time. So, this may be nice as a short-term experience, but not as a long-term living place. Also this Brooklyn co-living space is perfect for you in case you are extremely social and ready to communicate with others 24/7.

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