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Space Blossom: First Flower Grown in Microgravity

Space Blossom: First Flower Grown in Microgravity

2016 has already started to please us with amazing news. This one came from the habitable artificial satellite of the Earth. Scott Kelly, the International Space Station Commander, shared a history-making photo on his Twitter account. A little orange flower does not surprise anyone at the very first sight. But the comment below the photo is hard to believe! It is the first flower that has been grown in space. Seems to be a giant step in space research, is it not?

Previously, in 2015, astronauts planted lettuce on the board of the station. They have already consumed that space crop. The ISS workers claimed that “spaсe” lettuce tasted even better. Maybe, it was because they were sick and tired of the artificial protein pills and food from tubes.  

NASA scientists decided to plant edible zinnia flowers in zero-gravity. They have chosen this particular flower because of its incredible beauty and ability to bloom in the most severe conditions. It is interesting to know that zinnia petals are added to salads and even tacos. Resourceful space conquerors will definitely use this interesting peculiarity of zinnia.

Now NASA is planning to try planting tomatoes in zero-gravity. It will be a very challenging task as growing complex plants requires special conditions. So, will astronauts drink tomato juice this year? We will learn this in a few months. Scott Kelly tweeted that growing foods and flowers in space was a great preparation for creating the first colony on Mars.

The ISS Astronauts joke that after creating a garden of zinnias they will take hundreds of selfies with them for Instagram. The background for such photos will be truly incredible: an endless ocean of orange petals and the view of blue planet through a porthole.

Twitter is now overwhelmed with such hashtags as #zinnia, #YearInSpace, and #SpaceFlower. Obviously, modern youth is very interested in the news from the Earth orbit. The photo of the tiny zinnia is becoming almost as popular as the picture of Pluto taken in 2015. After NASA’s photo session, this planet became a character in many comics and cartoons. This is all because of a nice heart-shaped spot on the Pluto surface that was noticed by attentive Internet users. Now there are a lot of jokes about the tiny cute planet that wants to be friends with the Earth.

A nice orange flower with 13 petals demonstrates us that space is not as cold and lifeless as we had thought. Selfless human efforts and diligence can overcome everything, even the lack of fresh air and natural sunshine to grow flowers.

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