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Simple Math in Game of Thrones: R + L = J and A + J = T

Simple Math in Game of Thrones: R + L = J and A + J = T

One of the most exciting fantasy TV shows right now is, definitely, The Game of Thrones. This series has millions of fans around the whole world and counts even more people who love its printed predecessor A Song of Ice and Fire. As many other bestsellers, it causes a lot of discussions.

There have been many ASOIAF theories going around the Internet. Some of them look very realistic, some of them are so crazy, that even the story’s fans laugh at them. With a rising popularity of such social websites as Reddit and the Citadel among GoT fans, many people try to predict what will happen next. Now, everybody understands that the next book will not be published soon. Waiting for the next editions, devoted fans reread the previous ones and pay attention to every teeny-tiny detail or quote in hopes of finding missed clues.


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