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Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre—the neatest love revenge you have ever heard of

Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre—the neatest love revenge you have ever heard of

Most love revenge quotes tell us we should forget about it, let it go and so on. Still, it is easy to say but rather hard to do. Love hurts in any case, especially if you have just got cheated on by the person you loved more than anyone else on this Earth. Some (to tell the truth, most) people naturally turn to excessive eating, drinking and other forms of addictive behavior. Others, on the contrary, try to cope with the pain on their own and to keep the pain inside. But there is the third group—people who decide to act rather than suffer.

The wedding dress is used only once and is then stored in a beautiful dusty box in a closet. But Kevin Cotter, jilted by his wife after 12 years of marriage, found a 101 hilarious way to use his ex’s wedding dress. He even started a blog, describing each of them in details with attached photos and commentaries. Actually, it all started with his wife permission to do whatever the hell he wanted with the dress. And the betrayed man has taken the advice a little bit too literally, became famous and even publishing a book.

Other famous love revenge story took place in the XIX century and involved the greatest minds of the epoch—Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. Beauvoir and Sartre were in a kind of open relationship, where no one owes anything, they did not even live together. But the only term was to tell the very truth. One day Beauvoir has introduced Olga, a 17-year-old student to Sartre, and the philosopher had literally become obsessed with her. So Simone de Beauvoir decided to take drastic measures and murder Olga.

But since she was an intelligent and famous woman, she firstly gave Olga a pretty clear hint by means of her novel “She came to stay”, where Olga’s character was murdered by Beauvoir’s. Also, she dedicated the novel to Olga and, in case she still did not get the point, introduced her to a nice young man, who had later become Olga’s husband. So, the philosopher has managed to untie the love knot relatively easily and neatly, without scandals, murders, and dramas.

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