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Should we believe in the positive psychology?

Should we believe in the positive psychology?

Positive emotions have always been an important aspect of our live. In positive psychology articles scientists describe how various emotions influence our body and mind.

Positive emotions allow you to concentrate on the things of your choosing, they expand the focus of your attention, while anger, frustration and wrath make you focus only on the reason of your grudge. Excitement expands your thinking and encourages creative cognition.

That is why you need to create a positive atmosphere at your workplace. It will increase your productivity.

Positive emotions help you to solve problems. If you are frustrated by some issue and can’t think of anything to make it better you just need to “oil the wheels of your brain” with a good joke. Laughter triggers the processes in your mind and thus brings the solution. Joy, excitement, love, wonder, and curiosity are the best tools for managing your everyday routine.

Happiness influences all resources of our life: intellectual, social and even physical.

Intellectual resources include the above-mentioned impact on thinking. Especially in the case of education—only positive-minded teachers can make the education enjoyable.

Social resources are obvious. Positive people have more friends, better relationships and they are more successful in their job.

The study of the happiness’ impact on our physical health shows the most surprising results. Happy people exercise regularly thus improving the health, building muscles. The scientists insist on the connection of negative thoughts and health. Gloomy emotions raise your blood pressure that often becomes a reason of heart and brain attacks. Positive emotions, in their turn, can undo such effects and return normal heart rate. Even a simple sympathetic touch of your friend can stabilize your health. The work of Dr. Barbara Fredrickson showed that even petting a favorite animal can lower the pressure and calm you.

Next time, you are upset, frustrated, enraged or simply lonely, try to remember happy moments of your life and think positively. Use the mindfulness meditation techniquerelax your body and open up your mind.

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