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Scientific Extraterrestrial Life Proofs That Were Absolutely Wrong

Scientific Extraterrestrial Life Proofs That Were Absolutely Wrong

Ever since the humanity has discovered that we live on a tiny blue ball floating in the endless space, we started looking for extraterrestrial life proofs. There is nothing wrong with believing we are not alone in the giant Universe, but sometimes people get so excited they forget to address common sense for verification. Here we have a bunch of stories when even scientists had mistaken some space phenomena for aliens. Sometimes it happens because of lack of knowledge and limited technologies, sometimes because of a careless mistake.

This entire speculation about the aliens has started in 1906 when an astronomer named Percival Lowell has discovered what he thought were irrigation canals on Mars. He stated that the Red Planet was inhabited by a quite developed civilization that uses those canals to draw water from planet’s poles. Later, it became apparent that Mars has a very dynamic surface carved by time rather than extraterrestrial life.

Another space phenomenon at first recognized as an extraterrestrial life proof is the existence of pulsars. These steady flashes of radiation were considered to be alien beacons set up for other civilizations to find them. This is now a discredited theory and the scientists who discovered pulsars seem pretty skeptical about them being alien beacons. But the first pulsar is named LGM-1 which means “little green man” and proves scientists do have a sense of humor.

The recent announcement of alien signals discovery was a shame on Parkes Observatory astronomers who mistook microwave ovens for aliens.  The scientists reported a discovery of some strange radio signals, which were called perytons. They were intense, but brief and appeared to be emanating from deep space. But a closer study had shown this was microwave oven radiation when it was used for heating coffee.

So, next time you see a UFO do not hurry to report it because most UFO visits have reasonable and simple explanations. But this does not mean we are alone in the Universe. Maybe someday we will be smart enough and equipped enough to catch a real alien signal.

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