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Sandwiches will prevent divorce

Sandwiches will prevent divorce

Recently, on Fox News was a discussion of the research, according to which the Republicans were more happy married than Democrats and although the difference was only seven percent, The Real World: San Francisco star Rachel Campos-Duffy as well as co-host shared her view and says that the secret of a strong and happy marriage consists of two things: food and religion.

The segment aired on this week edition of Outnumbered, and Campos-Duffy said she thinks that Republicans are more religious people than Democrats; we also know that she’s married to, former sports commentator, prosecutor, reality television personality and Congressman Sean Duffy. They have been living in marriage for almost twenty years. “In the Greek Orthodox Church, the sacrament of matrimony is the most important thing between man and woman and I think just exactly the same. And my main aim in marriage not only to be a good wife but to do everything possible to take my children and my husband to heaven with me. As I believe that it changes all the understanding of marriage.”

After some discussion with the other participants, host Andrea Tantaros paid attention to an article in a women’s magazine called “man-pleasing tips.” Tantaros disagreed with some tips outlined there and offered her own man-pleasing tips and one of them was “After you spent a great time in bed together, make your man a sandwich!”

Further Tantaros started to defense her phrase, saying that it does not mean that women are again back in 1950’s, it’s just kindness. it does not violate feminists rights, “If you want to argue with me about kindness and respect for the person that you love, I’m ready to argue with you,” she said and Campos-Duffy then added, “are you really want to get divorced because it’s so difficult to make that sandwich? Just do it, damn it! “

Now I hope that you hungry over these sandwich disputes. There’s another love story about a woman who made three hundred sandwiches to make her boyfriend marry her, moreover, recently she was appointed as a senior editor at Yahoo Food.

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