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Rest in peace on the surface of the moon

Rest in peace on the surface of the moon

If you are still wondering, how to make your loved one’s funeral special, while keeping it inexpensive, there is a solution. A San-Francisco-based company, named Elysium Space, offers an opportunity to send cremated remains of your loved ones into space. There are three different versions of space funerals. One of them makes it possible to bury your loved ones on the Moon’s surface.

Cosmic trip as the last journey of a human

Elysium Space created special metallic capsules that will bring human remains into space. These cubes can be only used to transport ashes, left after a cremation. The company cooperated with the Astrobotic project to ensure the successful shipping of capsules into space. All the cubes will be delivered to the Moon on board the SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket.

These capsules will be used to provide two other kinds of cosmic funeral services. One of them, the Shooting Star Memorial, is already available. This service includes the launch of a cube with your loved one’s remains into low-Earth orbit. After some time, this cube will return back, as a shooting star.

The second service, named the Milky Way Memorial, is yet unavailable. The service is expected to be launched a few years later. This type of memorial services will let you send your loved one’s remains out of the Solar system, into deep space.

Make it special without wasting money

One of the biggest advantages of Elysium’s Moon memorial service is its low price. For the first 50 clients, this service will cost only $9,950. For the subsequent clients, it will be about $11,950. Considering that the average cost of a standard memorial ceremony in the U.S. is about $7,000$8,000, this offer seems to be very lucrative.

The company has already got its first client. Steve Jenks, who served as an infantryman in the Iraq war, chose this unusual lunar burial for his mother. A soldier decided to send his mother’s remains to the Moon because of her letters. She was usually adding “I love you to the Moon and back” to every letter she wrote to her son.

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