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Plot Holes in Harry Potter J. K. Rowling Cannot Explain

Plot Holes in Harry Potter J. K. Rowling Cannot Explain

The last book of Harry Potter franchise saw the world in 2007, the last movie—5 years later, but to this day true fans keep reading, watching and thinking thoroughly of all the intricacies and loopholes of the plot. Some of them give birth to fan theories, which gain tremendous popularity and sometimes are even approved by J. K. Rowling herself. Sometimes fan theories appear out of thin air, as the facts they try to explain have a completely satisfactory explanation withing the plot. Yet,  there are real plot holes in Harry Potter that often can be quite challenging to explain away.

The most obvious problems that come to mind are why Harry was not able to see Thestrals before Sirius’s death and why the Time-Turner was not used to stop Voldemort from the very outset (let us say, in the cradle?). Some devoted fans thought of possible reasonable answers to all this discrepancies, but there is still an even bigger hole in Harry Potter series which totally lacks grounded explanation. The question is: why Weasely brothers did not notice Peter Pettigrew hanging out all the time sleeping with their younger sibling?

The fans’ theories and responses go along the lines of Ron playing for the other team and the twins just keeping his secret and other improbable hypotheses that totally contradict the canon and cannot be taken as a serious explanation of the plot hole. The discussion got so big that J. K. Rowling had to answer it to calm the public down a little bit. And the explanation given clearly shows this is definitely a hole, a part which lacked author’s attention. J. K. Rowling said that it did not matter if Fred and George noticed Peter on the map or not (well, what else could she say?).

Many fans supported the answer adding more and more facts to support the favorite writer. Mainly the argumentation included things like “there are lots of moving names on the small piece of paper, how the brothers could note one of them?” and “they might have heard the story of Peter Pettigrew only accidentally and unlikely to attach any importance to it”. Anyway, this plot hole also may become a basis for many interesting fanfiction stories, speculations, and theories. Plot holes are productive, are not they?

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