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Ordinary People Can Be Superheroes in Real Life

Ordinary People Can Be Superheroes in Real Life

Have you ever wanted to have superpowers like your favorite heroes from comics and movies? You might think that it is impossible but, in fact, some people really possess incredible talents and skills. Some of them are purely imaginary, but there are different kinds of superpowers in real life. There are people who can heal fast and people who have unusual vision or memory. Some can even talk to animals.

One of the most desired superpowers is a fast wound healing (the one that Wolverine has). Tim Cridland is very lucky to have this kind of abnormality. He is known for his shows where he sticks his body like a pincushion—this man seems to feel no pain and has no blood running from his wounds.

Another character from the X-men series also has a real life counterpart. Liew Thow has Magneto’s powers. He can stick metal objects to his body, this phenomenon can be explained by his skin suction properties.

Have you ever heard about a man who never slept? Due to an unknown reason Al Herpin has never slept in his life. For most people this is impossible—our body will simply collapse without sleep.

Considered at first as a hoax, the statement of an Indonesian woman that metal wires had been growing in her body, turned out to be truthful. Scientists cannot explain this phenomenon.

Dean Karnazes has super stamina—his muscles never tire and, as a result, he can run for days without a need to stop.

The next real world superman resembled a bat. Having no sight, he used his tongue to make frequent clicking sounds and, in such way, he located objects. His echolocating ability helped the boy to live life to the fullest for 16 years.

Elastic people are also real. Garry Turner, for example, can stretch his skin in many unimaginable ways. This ability is caused by the lack of collagen in his skin. Any gymnast can envy Daniel Browning’s flexibility. This man brings the art of contortion to new levels.

An unthinkable ability to memorize the landscape by glancing at it for a few seconds is really helpful for Stephen Wiltshire’s paintings. His photographic memory allows him to draw very realistic and detailed cityscapes.

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