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Online Tinder Dating harms tangible business

Online Tinder Dating harms tangible business

James Young, who runs a nightclub in Melbourne, Australia, and his promoter believe that the popularity of Tinder, one of the best online dating apps, has caused the decrease in the number of the club visitors. He said that the times when you had to go to a club to pick up somebody are already in the past, now to pick up a phone is enough. A free dating service that allows meeting people online, substitutes the expensive way of going out. To make a good impression on a first date, kids usually dress the best and spend big money. Who wants to throw money down the drain on a person that turns out to be not your type? Why not just find somebody online, exchange information and decide if there is any chance to build relationships. This way is safer also.

With Tinder app, there is no need to spend a lot of time searching and flirting. People find it harder to reject in person, and in a virtual world it is always easier to talk to a dozen, even simultaneously, and reject all of them. Nevertheless, everybody are accustomed to virtual communication and Tinder makes it only easier.

Promoters predict the death of romance and hard times for Melbourne nightlife, night clubs and live music scene. They talk about other apps like Tinder, Grindr app for example, that has, according to their words, influenced the gay scene, namely – Commercial Road Prahran.

It is not right to think that only Tinder is at fault, the reason might hide in bad music, which actually is not so loud these days, for example in Switzerland higher than 100dB is not allowed. Young people cannot enjoy loud music or have a kind of a party they desire, so why bother and go to a place where everybody just talk, because if the music is 96dB, you can hear other people talking.

People really do want to hang out, but everything bad tend to close down one day, clubs with bad sound systems and restaurants with bad food are doomed, and it happens in the whole world.

The youth is blamed to be on their phones constantly and the supporters of old times say they should be in the bars and pubs to actually socialize and find a date.

Well, Cupid isn’t dad, he just follows where he is wanted.

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