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Nude urbanism in the south of France

Nude urbanism in the south of France

When we see a nude man standing in a nude queue in a supermarket or walking around, what do we think? Maybe this man is just crazy, or we are on a beach, or in a sauna, or… in the world’s biggest nude town, Cap d’Agde in France.

Of course, France has many famous nude beaches, some of the world’s finest, where you can enjoy your vacation free of clothes. The most popular one is located just south of Montpellier. Cap d’Agde becomes overcrowded every summer. More than 40 000 people from around the world come here to have a rest from the urban bustle and just to feel free. That includes being free from clothes too. The majority of the tourists visits the 9 other normal, non-nude beaches.

In the 1970s this part of France was a playground for modernist architectures with progressive social views.

Since the 1990s, Cap d’Agde had had a bad reputation as a meat market: libertines and swingers have been building here so-called “sexual social democracy”. The influx of swingers caused an increase in the number of publicly committed sexual acts. The authorities reacted to the situation by threatening offenders with a year’s imprisonments and fines. According to the signs, this fine currently is €15,000.

The beach here was established in 1958. It was not originally planned to be a nudist one. Since than, the people have changed their mind. Cap d’Agde tend toward minimalism. For example, in the whole town you cannot find a building higher than four stores. Higher buildings will create shadows and are, thus, undesirable. The whole minimalism concept holds even on the public-hair front vogue.

Cap d’Agde is not that different from a normal city: it has supermarkets, banks, clothes shops and gardens. Everything looks normal, except, perhaps, fthe ully dressed staff serving fully-naked customers.

There are many weirdos you can meet: grandmoms with their grandkids, women in submissive chains, hippies with a long varicolored hair, – everyone except for journalists and dogs. They are, surprisingly, personae non grata here.

One thing is sure: this resort can broaden your horizons and makes your vacation absolutely unforgettable.

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