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No Regrets, No Hangover: What to Eat Before Drinking

No Regrets, No Hangover: What to Eat Before Drinking

We all are familiar with that kind of situations when after a night of heavy drinking you look back and regret what you have done. If only I had the common sense to drink moderately and responsibly. The alcohol effects are more obvious when you drink on an empty stomach, as, in this case, our organism is more vulnerable. As a result, people often express their opinions without thinking and do some crazy things like calling an ex or running across streets while shouting dirty songs. And remember that feeling when you wake up in a strange unknown place? Has it ever happened to you? If the answer is yes, then you should do something about your drinking habits. The most obvious solution would be, of course, to drink less or not to drink at all. But, if this way does not suit you, at least, prepare your organism for “the challenge”. Eating right foods will make you stand up longer, withstand intoxication better and will soothe your hangover. Some foods neutralize the effects of alcohol better than the others, so, just remember to eat them before drinking.


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