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Muji Designer: Stapler is Sample of Perfectly Designed Product

Muji Designer: Stapler is Sample of Perfectly Designed Product

Design Should Be Anonymous

At an Oct. 15 event to celebrate the opening of Muji’s store in New York City next month, the designer gave a talk titled “Muji is enough”. He tried to explain the company’s design philosophy of “without thought” and to define terms such as “aesthetics”.

When you go shopping next time for new stuff,  Fukasawa says, forget about color. Instead of thinking about color, think about honesty. Do not look for the most beautiful and attractive thing, but seek stability. Being a minimalist to the core, he thinks that people, when buying things, should look for what is streamlined, simple, and “just enough”.

In design, “memory” is rather the memory of the body, not memory of the mind, because human body always exists in interaction with the environment. Even when you are busy with something, your body focuses on the details around you. And if there is nothing irritating or uncomfortable in a product, your body already know how to use it. That means, you should not consciously think “That is great!”—your body just enjoys it. Fukusawa believes that the body is more focused than the mind. In this matter the design should be anonymous.

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