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Most Bizarre Healthy Diet Side Effects

Most Bizarre Healthy Diet Side Effects

What could be better that eating fruits and vegetables from a healthy food list? Well, eating all this useful stuff intelligently. When I was a kid, I used to adore carrots. Maybe my young body wanted more vitamin A or something, but I could eat a huge bunch of carrots without any flavoring. And one day I woke up with my palms of bright orange color. I always thought that this “eat too many carrots and you will turn orange” was possible only in cartoons, until I saw the effect on my own body.

However, healthy diet side effects can be way more harmful than temporary changing the color of your skin. For example, one of the greatest products for weight loss and boosting your immunity—grapefruits—can mess with some medication. It turns out that grapefruits block certain enzymes in the small intestine that our body needs to regulate the amount of drugs absorbed. Only one glass of grapefruit juice can neutralize the blocking effect and your body will take 2-3 times higher doze of a medicine. And that can be pretty hazardous, even fatal in some cases.  So, beware of grapefruits!

Many people cannot imagine their morning without a cup of aromatic, well-brewed coffee. Even the fragrance itself helps feel more awake and brisk which is a quite hard task to complete at 7 a.m. But if you are a real coffee fan and drink 5 or more cups a day, you should be prepared for auditory hallucinations. Simone Crowe, the leading author of an Australian study related to the side effects of coffee, recently proved that people who normally drink 5 or more cups a day are more likely to hear parts of songs or conversations in a white noise record. So, if that bothers you, you would better give up on coffee for some time.

And the first place on  our chart goes to a sugar-free gum that can cause diarrhea. Since most of zero calories gums have sweetener called sorbitol, which works like a laxative, you may spoil your day if you chew too much before a date or a job interview. From the other point of view, if you tend to have an opposite kind of problems, you might use sugar-free chewing gum as a cheap and tasty (kind of) laxative.

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