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Making predictions can improve your everyday routine

Making predictions can improve your everyday routine

It is very simple, just try to make a simple prediction right now. Just anything, really anything that can happen to you until the end of the day. Do not stick to something grandiose, try first something small or silly, just to get the idea, for example:

• How many yellow cars you will see while commuting back home
• What color clothes will wear the person you meet fist leaving the office
• How fast you will receive your first like under the Facebook post
• What song can you hear tonight on the radio
• How much money will you spend in the supermarket, down to cent.

Just like that. It is very simple, and it really improves your mood whether your prognosis proves right or wrong.

The reason is also quite simple. Every prognosis you make affects your brain and increases the level of dopamine. And dopamine is a key to your happiness. You try to predict the future, and you get your dose of happiness. If your prediction was right you feel happy and satisfied. If it was not, your brain consider this as a learning moment and, therefore, it makes you happy again. Every wrong prediction gives you a new information that will help you to improve your next predictions.

The neurochemical basis of predicting is, more or less, using the same mechanic that makes video games so exciting and energizing. Just compare your working hour and an hour of playing, say, Candy Crush Saga. You can stick to one level but yet it does not spoil your mood (as it would happen if you fail to write a report for your boss). You think: “Oh, just one more time, and then I might pass this level.” So, what is the secret?

The thing is, every time you play your favorite video game, make a move, or use your weapon, your brain considers it as a little prediction and gets its dose of dopamine.

Of course, your life is not a video game (though sometimes we would like to save it at a nice moment and restart it). But you can use this technique and make your life better. Every time you are bored, stressed, or frustrated, every time you are out of energy and motivation, try to make a prediction. It is a win-win challenge, so you have nothing to lose. You can even ask your colleagues to make a prediction instead of you, so you can have fun together. Just try it right now!

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