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London Fashion Week: Top 5 Craziest Collections

London Fashion Week: Top 5 Craziest Collections

If fashion is a passion, 2016 London Fashion Week was its manifesto. From dark, Gothic-style, and even somewhat aggressive casual wear to huge blanket-inspired coats in nude and soft pink to glamorous skirts embroidered with sparkling crystals to chic cigarette pants to shift dresses with hourglass detailing and grid-patterned fine gauge knits, and so on and so forth.

We used to consider London Fashion Week as an event created to provide an exclusive experience for the selected few. This year, thanks to the improvements in the technical aspect of the event, LFW turned toward the consumers focusing on capturing their attention and generating the excitement of the wide audience. The designers built a whole world around their collections using all available tools from sound to set to the architecture of the space. We can also clearly observe the democratizing influence of street style that occurred due to the growing popularity of social media and globalization. All this made fashion industry both individualistic and universal.

A handful of amazingly talented designers made a strong case for understated dressing. For example, designers Fran Stringer and Margaret Howell were the representatives of the new crop of minimalists in London. They served as a counterpoint to the urban experimental sensibility.

So, over and out, 2016 London Fashion Week.


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