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LED Light Makes Sleep Cycle Apps Obsolete

LED Light Makes Sleep Cycle Apps Obsolete

From the very beginning of a workweek, we start thinking how long we will be able to sleep this weekend and dream about not getting up at 7 a.m. or even earlier. We download different sleep cycle apps in order to find a way to feel fresh and awake in the morning, but we fail every time.  If you have ever experienced jet lag or insomnia, you know how awful it makes you feel. Also, many people agree with the notion that it is important not only how much you sleep, but also when and where.

GE LED bulbs recently introduced a product that may significantly boost the quality of your sleep. The idea is simple: our body functions have circadian rhythms; most living creatures on the planet do. When it gets darker, a special hormone signals our body it is time to go to bed. And when the sun rises, the amount of melatonin dramatically reduces to let you wake up (this is why getting up in winter is much harder). But with the invention of the electric bulb and, of course, the Internet, all the daily cycles went off the rails, provoking serious health problems. And these are not just boring lectures mother always gives you whenever you call her. Sleep disorders are closely related to heart problems, obesity, neuroses and other unpleasant things.

So what the C bulb by GE will do is adjust to your personal habits and sleeping cycles, helping your body to produce bigger or smaller amounts of melatonin when needed. For example, the bulb will switch to a bright blue light in the morning, tricking your body to think it is a nice blazing sunny day, even if it is still dark outside. On the contrary, when you arrive from work, your nerves will not be disturbed with too much light. The lamp will change its color from cold color temperature to the warm one, creating an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

Another convenient thing is that you can control the LED bulb from your mobile phone. You can even use the data from your favorite sleep cycle app and create a lighting cycle. Read more about turning your home into a more convenient place with the help of technologies.

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