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It is difficult to reveal a horrible truth for Margaret Cho, but she finds support in her audience

It is difficult to reveal a horrible truth for Margaret Cho, but she finds support in her audience

The recent interview of the American comedian Margaret Cho reveals that she is not just a successful actress, musician and activist but, in the first place, a strong woman that managed to get through life difficulties with her head up.

It is not easy to discuss in public hard subjects, especially when it comes to what happened to you personally. And Margaret has a lot to tell, all the stories and thoughts about being raped, bullied and misunderstood in the family circle.

She told her story about early childhood, when at the age of 5 she was abused by one of the close family friends. This “relationship” lasted for several years, but at that time Margaret was too little to understand that there was something wrong with the situation.

Later on, when Margaret told the sad truth to her family, she had to face the fact that the closest people did not want to help her in her emotional stress, on the contrary they preferred to pretend that she made the story up and that it had never happened in real life. Cho’s family simply did not want to talk about this problem, acknowledge it.

Studying in a high school, Margaret was raped again, but after confiding in someone, the gossips flew all around the school and Cho started to be bullied. Her classmates told her that she was so ugly that raping her is the only was she could ever get sex. They told her she deserved it because of how disgusting she was. Cho was desperate and did not know how to stop bullying.

The cruelest ones were the girls. Being already a grown-up, Margaret found one of them on Facebook, saw the pictures of the family with kids. Cho was thinking if that woman remembered she was a bully, if her kids getting bullied too or if they, on the contrary, are bullies.

This kind of story are difficult to tell, and humor helps Margaret to manage the stressful moment. She has recorded a new music album called “I Want to Kill My Rapist.” The lyrics are funny, but now we know that the idea comes from the dark memories of this prominent woman. Margaret really hope that her obscure experience in the form of the funny songs will allow others to start talking about this kind of problems.

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