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Ice Cream or Animal Testicles: What Would You Eat?

Ice Cream or Animal Testicles: What Would You Eat?

The most disgusting competitions in the world are food eating contests. Yet, many people like to watch them or even participate in these activities. Despite the dangers, that such contests can bring to our health, many new kinds of these competitions begin to appear. Some of them are very delicious, some are so bizarre that you would not imagine eating these kinds of food.

One of the most delicious and luxurious is the Oyster Eating World Championship. It is held in New Orleans and the winner’s prize is 1000 dollars. The world record was set by Pat Bertoletti who ate 468 oysters in 8 minutes.

While New Orleans enjoys oysters, Englishmen entertain themselves by eating garlic. Last year, the winner of this competition won by eating 33 raw garlic cloves in a minute. Britain seems to have a fancy for strange eating records. In 2004 Brian Duffield set a record by eating a large onion in 92 seconds.

The most disgusting contest is Duck embryo eating. Known as the “balut eating contest”, it is held in New York during the Hester Street Fair. The contestants have 5 minutes to eat as many of them as they can. The eggs are served hard boiled.

It may sound crazy, but there is a competition, where people eat sticks of butter. As harmful as it can be for his health, Don Lerman once ate almost 800 grams of butter in 5 minutes.

One more strange food eating competition is held in several U.S. states. People compete in fast animal testicles eating. Fried “animal parts” (usually of a bull) are served in Illinois, Montana or Michigan.

Among crazy competitions, one is rather different from the others. While other products are, at least, cooked, in Beijing people enjoy eating live roaches. This contest is also infamous for the death of a man, who died after eating a dozen of Madagascar roaches.

Fortunately, there are not only disgusting competitions like the previous two. The most delicious events are ice cream contests that exist in many countries around the world. The record was set by Joey Chestnut, who ate almost 7 liters of the dessert in 6 minutes.

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