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Huge Problems Make Living on Other Planets Impossible

Huge Problems Make Living on Other Planets Impossible

Movies like the spectacular The Martian make us believe that the humanity is all-mighty, and the exploration of other planets is not as difficult of a task as it seems upon the first glance. After seeing such movies, even the most skeptical spectators might get enthusiastic and start dreaming of becoming the first person on Mars, for example. Well, there are some problems with living on other planets that these discoverers would definitely face. And here is just a short list of the most horrendous ones.

First of all, you will either get extremely severe cancer or die from suffocation. Human beings are very sensitive to the living conditions, and it is quite a miracle we have a planet on which we can live. For example, a human cannot breathe if the concentration of oxygen is lower than 20.9%. Just as an example, the atmosphere on Mars contains only 1%. But even if you bring enough oxygen to survive, you will die from massive cancer due to the enormously strong radiation on a planet without an atmosphere.

The second problem is, obviously, food. Bringing it from the Earth is too expensive and dangerous, but growing something on a planet like Mars is nearly impossible. It would not work as it was shown in The Martian because the soil on Mars is extremely toxic. This means that we have to bring soil from the Earth, and that sounds impossible. Needless to say, where there is no grass or grains, there are no animals.

The third problem lies in huge tsunamis and mega-volcanoes. According to scientists, the moons of giant planets are more habitable than the planets themselves.  But even there, because of the gravitational forces and the sizes of the moons, the tides would reach extremely high levels. Additionally, as most planets have not one but a number of moons, it makes them incredibly volcanically active.

The last problem is the fact that our concept of time is too imperfect to handle such issues as “Mars time zone”, “Jupiter time zone”, etc. We will either have to create a unified system or convey the time zones into those like on the Earth using very complicated calculations. As you can see, life on other planets is not going to be comfortable unless we solve at least these main issues.

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