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How to start a drug business—a tutorial for beginners

How to start a drug business—a tutorial for beginners

When you think of a family business, you normally imagine something like a café or a small shop run by several generations, handed down from father to son. Of course, there are some more lucky families whose surnames are widely known, such as Koch, Mars and others. But mostly it is something small, cozy yet quite profitable. Still, some families understand business and profit in a little different way, let’s say, as in The Millers. Yes, the family drug business exists and it is not as fun as in the movie. So, how to start a drug business?

The power of familial love was estimated at $1.5 million in absolutely tax-free heroin sales. The arrest of 25 people involved was announced at a celebratory press conference. The mom and dad business had also involved a college drug concealer and an inside man in Manhattan court. The leader of the gang was a 24-year-old man, Josie Tavera, who seems too young to be so wicked. Also the case involved his sister, brother and at least two cousins. It is convenient to have a large family if you want to sell drugs, isn’t it? Though the police did not manage to prove Tavera’s mother participation, they are convinced she had helped to launder the money.

The family had a clear drug business plan and was clever enough not to sell heroine in small transparent bags as seen in films, they used cereal boxes instead. But this did not help, they have already been on the hook and drug dealers family arrest was soon announced by the police. The case was so difficult that the police had to resort to wiretaps and surveillance. The ring appeared to be based in a Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and had their dealings under several nicknames, including “Gucci”, “Killing Time” and “Scorpion”. The information about the ring was delivered by one of the informers last year, and the authorities have found enough evidence only several days ago. From the whole bunch of suspects only one is on the loose and has definitely lost his place in the Tavera band. Sometimes family business can be more extreme than selling home-made cookies from your father’s bakery, huh?

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