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How to Reveal Your Inner Evil and Embrace It

How to Reveal Your Inner Evil and Embrace It

Do you consider yourself an innocent and absolutely honest person? We can prove that the evil lives in every one of us, and you are not an exception. We say this because we know it for sure. Or maybe because we are also evil. In any case, let us go together through this thorny way of unveiling our inner evil.

Lie and cheat

If you think you never lie or cheat, try to remember the moment when you wanted to impress people by sounding more intelligent, or maybe you typed IDDQD to activate the immortal mode in Doom (or in some other less old-school video game). You may also remember the day when you used a tip that you found on the Internet on how to get free repairs even if your warranty was over. Or maybe you are a kind of person who likes to pretend not to be online. This is it. Congratulations, you are one step closer to your inner devil.


Do you want to persuade us that you never stole a thing? OK, we will tell you just one word—BitTorrent. Remember every single movie, game or music album you downloaded and try to calculate your sins. Maybe this also will help you to recall in your mind the moment when you used your colleague’s idea and played it off as your own. If you did not, you still have that torrent issue, so do not relax.


If you have a child or have ever worked as a babysitter, you can add the sin of manipulation to your list without any doubts. You not only made the small innocent child follow your will, you were also planting your ideas in the kid’s head. How dare you!

Get angry

This is not the best feeling but show me one person who has never been pissed off. The fat man eating a sandwich with garlic who sitting next to you in an airplane, your co-worker who got the promotion though you work better than him, a car driver that cuts you off while commuting back home, are you sure all these people do not move you to the thoughts of cruel reprisals? Not the thoughts you can be proud about.

Be a jerk

Just be honest. Recall in your mind all those times when you cut in ahead of line or talked at a cinema or a theater, remember when you annoyed your friends and disappointed your parents. All the moments you did not call back with no particular reason. Remember all your sins and embrace your inner evil.

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